Get you back on your holiday faster! We have hangover packages. For the days you feel flat, look rough, have no spring in your step or are just plain hideously hangover, there’s a remedy for that is quick, painless, affordable and damn effective. Before you know it you’re hooked up to an IV drip as you take on over a liter of saline fluid that has been mixed with a cocktail of vitamins and minerals to either cure a hangover.

1. Vitamin B

  • Vitamin B12
    - Boost metabolism and energy

  • Vitamin B- Complex
    - Boosts red blood cell production and energy

IDR200KVitamin B12

IDR200KVitamin B- Complex

2. Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C
    - Boost immune system, is a natural antihistamine plus flights cold and flu.

  • Vitamin C + Collagen
    - Reduce facial lines and wrinkles, boosts immune system.

IDR200KVitamin C

IDR250KVitamin C + Collagen

3. The Miracles

  • Glutathione
    - Master anti-oxidant, liver detox, immune booster, skin health

  • L-Carnitine
    - Fat burner, anti-oxidant, speed up muscle recovery

  • Placenta extract (IM)
    - Skin cell regeneration, eliminate wrinkles and dull skin.



IDR400KPlacenta extract (IM)